Our experience in materials management accrued over the years allows us to understand our clients’ needs at various stages of their project development. Our management team have the experience, passion and capability to work with our clients to help identify opportunities and provide the optimum solutions to achieve industry-leading materials management visibility while delivering value and other desired outcomes.

Our technical and operations capability is applied to varying levels of output to provide value-adding deliverables through the project stages of Concept, Pre-Feasibility, Definitive Feasibility and Operational stages. Our involvement begins in the initial Concept phase, working with our clients to create a mutual understanding and framework, that meets the clients’ drivers and expectations.

Benefits to Customers

Owners and contractors looking for more efficient and reliable delivery of equipment and materials services will gain value using MMG through:

  • Achieving cost savings in projects and ongoing asset life.
  • A strong driver of the integrity of information, people and systems.
  • Supporting risk control through better visibility and reporting to guarantee delivery schedules.

Why MMG's service offering is unique

Our company’s combination of proven technical IP and operational capacity within the one delivery organisation allows us to deliver services and savings that rival logistics service providers simply can’t match.

MMG provides a complete materials management service that supports owners, contractors and suppliers to achieve individual and holistic successful outcomes:

  • From project concept to asset operation, MMG combines highly capable Technical and Operations expertise with proven materials management and traceability systems developed in-house to integrate intelligently with our client systems.
  • We offer end-to-end materials management capability tailored to client’s specific needs. We achieve this goal through our assimilation into clients teams to workshop opportunities into identifiable and sustainable value-adding outcomes.
  • Materials management services focussing and reporting on cost, schedule, milestones, traceability, safety and people performance for the largest modular buildings to the smallest inventory replenishments.

Our People

At MMG, we recognise that our people are an integral part of maintaining the excellent service delivery that we have become known for. MMG is proud of our record in keeping our personnel in long term employment, developing their skills, and enhancing our services over many successful years.

Our personnel are empowered to be innovative thought-leaders within their expertise and capability – led and encouraged by MMG’s two foundation owners.

Johnny Gervoe – Director Technical

In the early years of his Information Systems career, Johnny studied at Curtin University in Western Australia. Now boasting over 30 years experience, most of which have been in construction and related industries.

Johnny brings to Materials Management Group an understanding of turning simple data capture into sophisticated and meaningful management information. He has a successful track record of combining operational experience with complex technology to facilitate positive project outcomes. Johnny has a keen focus on managing clients’ expectations, best achieved by maintaining a high level of integrity.

Johnny’s passion for tracking of materials and “getting it right” led him to develop TracBASE in early 2007. Having proved itself on numerous large scale projects, it has set the standard for technology use in the materials management arena. The commitment is deep and Johnny believes that with vigilance and careful attention to detail we can raise the standards of project visibility to a new level.

Chris Beerens – Director Operations

Chris studied Communication and Information Technology at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia, and has worked in the industry for 25 years.

During those years, Chris has been working in and around Perth in IT and Logistics roles and on many major projects in the gold and iron ore industries.

His experience drives quality results including planning, implementation and management of projects in Australia and overseas.

Chris’ drive and “attention to detail” to ensure everything is precise is a great motivator and well received by clients.

The input by Chris into the development and implementation of TracBASE over the last 15 years has helped shape it into the first class product it is today.