TracBASE can be used to track everyday materials to and from multiple destinations and across international borders. No two projects are the same, so we work with our clients to determine the preferred tracking and milestone visibility required to support each project’s needs.     

This includes the tracking of smaller consumable objects required for a project right up to the very largest assets and modules weighing hundreds of tonnes.

Our Logistics Material Tracking also includes shipment tracking which provides visibility of shipment progress and a depository of shipment-related documentation including customs, port authority and shipping/air freight documentation, quarantine documentation and supplier commercial documentation.

Projects using multiple logistics service providers would benefit through TracBASE’s capability to provide a singular shipment tracking system. Shipment data inserted and updated by each logistics service provider is able to be reviewed by the project in a singular database in a consistent format.    

Alternatively, TracBASE can also accommodate projects whereby suppliers are required to deliver the materials to site. The same shipment recording and documentation storage capability is provided, with suppliers directly inserting data and documentation instead of logistics service providers.        

User productivity and data integrity is significantly enhanced by using TracBASE and its Logistics Material Tracking capability.