Our experience in materials management activities built over many years allows us to understand our clients’ needs at each stage of their project development. Our management has the expertise and passion and by working closely with our clients we help identify opportunities and build optimum tracking and traceability systems to meet their materials management needs.

Our materials management sub-disciplines are applied to varying levels providing deliverables through the project stages of Concept, Pre-Feasibility, Definitive Feasibility, Construction and Operational stages. Our experience demonstrates best client value is achieved through our early involvement at the project’s Concept phase, with our team progressing onto subsequent stages aligned with the clients’ instructions and expectations.


Our technical capability and IP delivered through TracBASE provides the strength, intellect and overarching conduit binding our corporate pillars of Technical and Operations. Our Technical systems are proven on remote and multi-location projects, having been developed for and used on delivery projects with an international footprint in regions throughout the world.

MMG systems facilitate consistent data capture and reporting on all materials and equipment for a project or operation. MMG’s Technical success and the associated benefits are, to a large degree, based on systems and IP that is owned and developed in-house by MMG. This capability is unique within the project delivery environment and one that differentiates MMG from engineering consultancy firms or pure logistics service providers.

MMG’s Technical activities begin with engagement at the project Concept stage. At this point, we identify project-specific systems, data and reporting options. Using equipment and tag number identification during the pre-feasibility stage, MMG systems consistently track materials through subsequent project stages, up to and including operational asset management. MMG systems can be tailored to individual project requirements. Typically, this process will begin with the Bill of Materials receipt and proceed through Work Pack or procurement package identification, PO tracking, expediting, through the fabrication stages, QA and shipping release, transport and delivery to the end-user. MMG Technical capability includes compatibility with project and engineering systems such as Primavera 6, 3D, 4D modelling.

Mobile Barcode, RFID and GPS Data Capture & Photographic Evidence Online & Client Tailored Reporting, Procurement Tracking, Supplier Performance, Fabrication, Traceability, Freight Consolidation, Track & Trace Logistics, Warehousing & Inventory Control, Schedule & Milestone Aligned Construction Progress, Rules Of Credit, Asset Preservation & Ongoing Maintenance


Operations begin at the concept and planning stages and continue onto the physical movement of materials and equipment. Due to the high focus required, and the heavy reliance on Operations to achieve project success, we integrate with our clients to ensure their corporate drivers, goals and expectations are understood and analysed for effective delivery. This includes displaying our core strengths of logistics task identification, budget planning and identification and review of logistics contracting strategies.

MMG recognises that shutdown planning and contractor mobilisation and demobilisation play an important part whether it be required in construction or operational phases. As such our Operations include planning and delivery to cover these important activities and providing clients with access to materials tracking and milestone recording via our TracBASE modules.

As projects continue past Concept onto the delivery phases, MMG’s Operations capability can progress to record the Pre-Award procurement and Post-Award procurement activities of expediting, supplier quality, transport and site materials control elements of a project. These activities are supported through MMG’s Technical capability which ensures consistent data capture and reporting, from a project’s concept stage to operations.

Our Operations personnel are all mobile to support client needs, working in international points of origin, load and discharge ports, client’s offices, fabrication locations or final destination sites.

Project Materials Management Planning; Procurement Execution Plan; Material Tracking Process & Workflows; Material Handling Procedures; Instruction, Packaging, Marking & Shipping; Incoterms; Laydown setup; Site Store Setup; PPE Stores Management; Material Team Labour Requirements; TracBASE Implementation; Warehouse setup and management