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Materials Management Group (MMG) combines leading materials tracking technology with operations expertise to deliver smart and flexible material management solutions for construction projects and operational activities.

Our corporate pillars of Technical and Operations provide clients with a unique blend of state-of-the-art technology and best-practice logistics and operations management that delivers demonstrable value for our clients.

MMG has achieved ISO accreditation through independent certification demonstrating our meeting the standards of ISO9001:2015. Continuing the successful delivery of technical and operational materials management services to our clients over many years, MMG demonstrates a commitment to exceed the quality expectations of our customers through applying the standards of our ISO accreditation.


Our technical capability is the expertise and systems binding MMG Technical and Operations pillars. Our systems have a proven track record on both remote and multi-location projects, having been developed for and used on delivery projects with a global scope.


Our operations capability encompasses strategising, planning and physical movement of materials and equipment. Due to the importance of Operations in overall project success, we bring our expertise to the concept stage of a project to ensure all client drivers, goals and expectations are analysed and planned for, ensuring safe delivery within the agreed cost and schedule parameters set out by our clients.


Be the leading provider of materials management services adding value to our clients.

We achieve this by providing smart technology and personnel to deliver full materials visibility
for our clients.

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Johnny Gervoe

Director - Operations

Chris Beerens

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