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MMG’s Technical and Operations pillars are applicable at each project stage and we will support our clients in identifying and developing their materials management resourcing plan and budget. The outcome provides visibility and quantification of roles, responsibility and hours to support the client’s various approvals gateways. Our resourcing is based on our personnel meeting the evolving demands of a projects life cycle. This process ensures MMG provides clients with an optimum team based on lean principles and clients’ expectation of delivering the required outcome in a cost-effective manner.

MMG and our clients work in a global geography. Whilst Western Australia based, we support our clients and their global footprint. Our technology is cloud-based, and our personnel are mobile to support our client’s needs.

MMG understand our clients’ materials management needs evolve and a flexible approach is required to support the project resource and budget allocations.

To support this flexible approach, MMG works with clients to identify materials management resourcing peaks, troughs, support and deliverables required to meet a project’s changing needs. To cater to these varying levels and geographies of coverage, we have a range of engagement models to suit clients’ varying needs including:

  • Short-term task-specific activities
  • Mid to longer-term support
  • Ongoing support and attendance

Each client is unique, and MMG would be pleased to confidentially discuss these matters to ensure a balanced and optimum coverage is provided.

Based on a client’s requirements and preferred model of engagement, MMG will work with clients to prepare a submission based on the specified services including methodology to ensure we understand and meet our deliverables and schedule within an agreed fee structure.

Contact us today to arrange a confidential discussion to determine the optimum service level and fee structure to support your requirement.

At MMG we understand our capabilities interrelate, synergise, evolve and innovate with many stakeholders and support entities. We see our work as holistic in the broader context of project delivery and understand we cannot work in isolation from our industry peers or personal networks.

At various levels, we contribute to, learn from, support and synergise with personnel from the following entities through professional collaboration or industry association memberships.

The industry and network support which MMG actively participates as a presenter, collaborator, developer, innovator, supporter and friend includes personnel at the following entities and corporations:

MMG would be pleased to form connections with other entities interested in collaboration to work towards continual improvements in materials management activities.

Please contact us with your interest in this regard.

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