Using TracBASE to manage company assets and tracking their location in realtime is an extremely powerful value-adding element to the system.

We help clients keep track of the major assets and equipment such as:

  • Rigging gear on and off jobs for shutdowns.
  • Fabricated modules and other manufactured items.
  • Pumps and pumping accessories.
  • Generators and power distribution.
  • Cranes and vehicles.
  • Vessels and tanks.
  • In situ equipment monitoring.

Asset management is a core functionality within TracBASE.

MMG provides solutions to allow owners to monitor and manage their assets through application of a tested and proven system.

Current functionality includes inventory management, maintenance and repair management, materials reservations, shutdown co-ordination, and tools and consumables receival, issuance and return. 

Managed effectively, the TracBASE asset management benefits include improvements to productivity and efficiency which places a business in a better position to increase their return on investment.

MMG is ready now to discuss solutions to your asset management needs.