Board appointment- ICHCA (International Cargo Handling Co-ordination Association)

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MMG’s Director-Operations Jamie Bradford has been appointed to the national board of ICHCA – International Cargo Handling Co-ordination Association.

ICHCA is an international, independent, not for-profit organisation dedicated to improving the safety, security, sustainability, productivity and efficiency of cargo handling and goods movement by all modes and through all phases of national and international supply chains. ICHCA’s privileged NGO status enables it to represent its members, and the cargo handling industry at large, in front of national and international agencies and regulatory bodies. Its Expert Panel provides best practice advice and publications on a wide range of practical cargo handling issues.

Jamie will focus on broadening ICHCA’s footprint throughout Western Australia, and encourages contact for further information on ICHCA and its benefits to the logistics industry. 

For further information about Jamie’s role with ICHCA, please contact