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6 months

Year Completed:


This was the extension project from BHP for the Jimblebar project.

TracBASE was used to track the additional scope for the Jimblebar expansion. This involved the fabrication of additional iron ore processing plant machinery including;

  • additional Primary Crusher PC1
  • additional Overland Conveyor CVR001
  • additional Surge Bin BIN032
  • additional Conveyor CVR031
  • additional loose steel

TracBASE was utilised to manage the progress of all the 3,381 tonnes of fabricated steel. This was broken down into 118 modules and some 5,000 pieces of loose steel. All structural steel was tracked by having a barcode on the items after painting and was loaded into TracBASE packing lists. These goods were then grouped into containers to generate shipping manifests.

TracBASE was also used by the engineers in the field utilising handheld tablets. These devices contained all drawings and 3D models to aid them in engineering checks and measurements.