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12 months

Year Completed:


BHP’s Jimblebar project truly allowed TracBASE to shine. Working with FASTJV, TracBASE was brought onto the project at the very beginning which allowed systems, processes and databases to configured well before the first cutting of steel.

The project scope for TracBASE was split into three main parts.

  • The fabrication tracking and reporting of 17,000 tonnes of fabricated steel
  • Logistical tracking of 10 shipments of modules and 2 shipments of containers
  • The onsite tracking of materials onsite issued to the workfront for construction

In early 2012, following on from TracBASE’s successful installation and completion of the Karara Iron Ore Project, we were sent up to Tianjin, China to manage the material for the Jimblebar RGP6 Iron Ore Project for BHP.

The project was not too dissimilar to KIOP so a lot of lessons learned were implemented for Jimblebar.

We formed an integral part of the fabrication management team with our resources present on site in China. Our scope included the supervising of workshop personnel as well as daily and weekly management reporting.

We also provided tracking and reporting support in Perth to the FAST JV management team in order to monitor progress and provide visibility of the part of scope fabricated from Perth.

When material started to arrive on the mine site we assigned resources on site to monitor progress and material tracking.