Coming Soon… ISO Quality Assurance


MMG is well on track to achieve ISO quality accreditation with the completion of our compliance requirements now in the final stages. Whilst successfully delivering technical and operational materials management services to our clients over many years, MMG management can now demonstrate a commitment to improving the quality of our services to our customers by applying the ISO accreditation criteria to our core business activities.

The MMG approach to ISO quality accreditation includes internal and external focus of our processes and capabilities.

Our external quality assurance focus centres around the following core features;

  • MMG’s commitment to understand and meet our customers’ needs.  Whilst our past quality deliverables have been successful as evidenced by repeat business opportunities from existing clients, we are now committed to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.  Part of our understanding of our customers’ needs includes fruitful discussions between MMG and our customers to determine the quality drivers which MMG will commit to achieve. MMG will then progressively monitor and record our quality commitment efforts as projects continue with honest customer feedback used to allow evaluation and improvements if necessary.      
  • MMG will demonstrate and apply relationship management principles by enhancing the ability of our clients to create value.  We understand business outcomes need to be mutually beneficial to MMG and our client and we will consciously work towards achieving that outcome.

Our internal quality assurance focus centres around the following core features;

  • MMG recognise our people are our core asset, and we commit to providing our personnel with support, tools and systems to allow them to meet our commitments to customers. This process includes regular reviews and competency enhancement opportunities to ensure our personnel are well credentialled with an ability to deliver industry leading capabilities and solutions.
  • Technology is ever changing, and MMG commits to providing our personnel with avenues to allow continual improvement opportunities to be identified and applied. Our continual improvement commitment is supported by a holistic benefits identification approach with sound process logic and evidence-based decision making to arrive at new goals or commitments.

MMG is proud of our progression towards ISO accreditation. As our personnel and customers contribute to our upcoming and ongoing ISO accreditation compliance, together we will all improve with demonstratable mutual benefit for all.  MMG Directors believe quality accreditation is a positive investment in our future, and our Quality Policy keeps us on the path to meeting that commitment.  

For further information about MMG’s ISO accreditation, please contact