Introducing TracBASE 2020; Continuous Improvement


Since 2007, TracBASE has been an industry leader as a relevant and successful materials management database for our clients. That was good for the ‘then and immediate’ timeframes, and this article describes how MMG applies ourselves to meet our continuous improvement commitment to the future needs of our customers and the successful management of their materials.      

Casting an eye to the future, MMG has been planting seeds over many years to ensure our continued relevance to our clients and market sectors.  MMG is now bearing fruit with the application of these continuous improvements processes across our Technical pillar.   

In today’s business environment, we all understand the capability of technology is progressing continually with significant leaps forward in accessibility, compatibility and adaptability. Mix those attributes with mediums, modes and user considerations and it is easy to see the focus of a client’s immediate materials management need is sometime blurred by a myriad of systems supporting nothing other than glossy global marketing campaigns.  MMG decided some time ago not to get caught up changing technology ‘just because you can’ or to mirror other products and replicate their shortcomings.  

The foundation MMG applied to continually improve and build on our existing successes is based on the ‘MMG-way’ and criteria including; 

  • Stay true to our unique successful business model of combining MMG’s proven technical IP with operational capacity within the one delivery organisation. This is a powerful display that our technical and operations pillars are actually ‘one entity’ which removes the blame games historically applied to materials management databases.  
  • To avoid the myriad of IT sector led activity detailed above, MMG was determined to identify and apply continuous improvement opportunities in a systematic manner directed to create value to our clients within their industry sector.  To manage this, MMG initiated and invested in an internal project TracBASE 2020 with a project- governance approach to support the identification, demonstration and application of our improvements.
  • In order to meet our TracBASE 2020 criteria, certain aspects are demonstrated including a) identify and provide MMG and clients with productivity improvements b) align system improvements to relevant new technologies c) enhance end-user experience and d) demonstrate value to our clients.

MMG is therefore progressively enhancing TracBASE in an organised manner.  Our identification of suitable technical advancements is aligned with MMG’s quality obligations and our customer relationship model to ensure only the optimum and fit for purpose continuous improvement measures are applied.          

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